Hotelogen.com is a robust hotel management and reservation system that offers functionality according to your needs.
A comprehensive tool for hotel management, wherever you are, as it is developed in modern web technologies, SQL database. 

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Guest accounts allow you to set up separate accounts for each guest, guest group, companies, tourist groups, and register individual accommodations and retail sales. Then issue an invoice or invoices. You have an overview of the issued documents in your bulk account and their payments.

General features

Hotelogen.com is localized in English, Spanish and it is possible to run in another language depending on your needs.

The software runs only by entering a web page on any computer (just enter Office.Hotelogen.com  and log in). The number of users is not limited and the license is set according to the size of your property.

Users are assigned different rights according to their job rights, the system records all the activity. 

We are constantly monitoring the legislation and updating the system according to the legislation.


You have an overview of your open tabs on the bottom bar. where you can switch between cards while still working.
For example, you may have a checkin in progress while checking out the map of the hotel if you just have a phonecall to someone who needs to know the occupancy.

opened tabs in the bottom bar


A fully functional reception including small sales. It monitors accommodation prices for guests, according to user rights (receptionist) and/or according to guest's price category. Various rights for the receptionist, guest editing including notes about the guests, and much more.

The guest card includes a complete overview of the stay, its data, issued id documents and their payments. Check-out controls payments and many other automated features that oversee the smooth running of the reception.

A clear orientation from a hotel map and an overview of occupancy with a view to the future longer than 1 year with the possibility to make check-in directly from the map or the overview.

All the functions are intuitive without the need to go to training.

Full control over the prices.

reception quality hotel friends in solna


The reservation system allows to make booking of multiple rooms at once. The reservations can be written for specific rooms or without assigning a room. Complete overview of bookings (active, realized, fixed, options, canceled) and payment control. You can make reservations directly from the hotel map too.

 New Reservation

Prices and Currencies

Definition an unlimited number of price lists in different currencies. Different price lists for selected guests or guest's groups, companies and agencies. In each individual pricelist, you can set currency, whether or not breakfast is included in the price, whether or not taxes are included in the price.

For each pricelist, you can set individual different periods or seasons.

Management of exchange rates and currencies, editing buy, middle and sell rates. Applying rates for issuing invoices and other documents.

Price list


Invoice management and their payments. Issuing invoices from guest anf group accounts.

The possibility of issuing invoices by receptionists who have the rights. 

Billing, invoice

Guest Accounts and Multiple Accounts

Guest accounts allow you to set up separate accounts for individual guests, guest group, companies and so on. It allows register accommodations, retail sales, and issue an invoice or invoices. You can use guest accounts according to your individual needs. You have an overview of the issued bills in the guest accounts and their payments.

Multiple guest accounts management


Print reports for housekeeping, breakfast list, guest book, house book. Reports for tourist police if necessary, statistic reports, etc..

We are constantly working on additional reports that we automatically add to the system.



The system is designed to meet the requirements of both small accommodation bussineses and large operations, where different rights are set for different users.

You can set up several different accommodation facilities for you (hotels, hostels, guesthouses, ...) and set access to selected accommodation facilities for different users. In these properties set different rights for them. For example, in the first one , only the receptionist, in the second facility rights with the possibility of price changes, etc.

You can set up retail items, numbers and room types, set up hotel or hostel sales (room or bed sales), currencies, taxes, and much more. Everything is intuitive and comprehensible. If you still have concerns, we will be glad to help.



Who is our system designed for

Hotel reservation and management software Office.Hotelogen.com is a robust solution tuned for a variety of accommodation facilities.

It is fully functional for large hotels as well as for smaller hotels, guesthouses and apartments. We also offer a solutionfor hostels where you can set up sales by beds and rooms ...

Office.Hotelogen.com is designed for:

  • guest houses, B & B
  • apartments
  • hotels, hotel chains,
  • hostels,
  • and managing your different accommodation facilities in different locations under one system.

Our system is user-friendly and robust.


There is nothing easier than try out our demo application right on the Office.Hotelogen.com website and press the Try demo there!


Brief feature list


  • Check in
  • List of all the guests with check out summary for today
  • Check out
  • Overview of availibility
  • Hotel map (graphic representation of guests, reservations, grafic distinction of payments (not payed, cash, invoice, payed) etc.)
  • Guest book
  • Reservations for today
  • Actual price list
  • Exchange rates

Reservation - booking

  • New reservation
  • List of all reservation
  • Ending option reservations
  • Overdated option reservations
  • Canceled reservations


  • Cash register
  • Guest's address book
  • Companies' address book
  • Price lists administration (for different guest types and market)


  • Reports for charwomen and maids
  • Report for breakfasts
  • Statistics
  • and much more


  • Connecting unassigned reserved rooms to each room for check in
  • Exchange rates administration for any kind of currencies
  • Billing and invoices
  • Multiple accounts
  • Administration of guest types
  • Administration fees management (spa, recreation fee and so on - based on the setup)
  • Connection to accounting software


  • Registration of your hotels – option to manage more hotels
  • User administration and their rights
  • User rights for selected hotel
  • Rights for working with cash
  • Rights for multiple accounts, invoices
  • Setup of room types, categories
  • Setup of market and price list
  • Setup for currencies
  • Setup of bank accounts and other hotel details
  • Setup of VAT and other taxes


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